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Who We Are

International Insight offers an unrivalled skill set and experience putting the skills of investigative journalism in the hands of our clients.


Marrying focused research and analysis with a sensitive and persuasive ability to identify and engage with individuals at the heart of enquiries, we have a successful track record of eliciting key evidence and verifiable information.


Drawing on a long established international network of contacts, built up during years of intensive investigations, our team eschews many of the traditional sources of information used by others in our business.

Instead we rely on trusted individuals with a track records of providing verifiable information and who have access to key contacts within the country, region or industry in which they operate. 

Based in London, International Insight was founded by award winning investigative journalist and experienced business intelligence case manager Jason Lewis.

Before setting up International Insight, he was head of disputes and complex investigations for a large US-headquartered corporate intelligence firm, successfully overseeing some of its biggest and most difficult international inquiries.

He was previously Investigations Editor of the Sunday Telegraph and Whitehall and Security Editor of the Mail on Sunday.

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